Our 10’ x 15’ Pop Up Tent with white canopy and full coverage printed valance is made of an aluminum commercial-grade truss configuration and hexagon-shaped legs. With the full valance imprint option, graphics are designed on the valances and the rest of the white canopy is left blank. This option is not only easy on your client’s wallet but is also the way to go if a graphic designer is not attainable. The Pop Up Tent’s legs have 5 height settings with the highest setting raising the tent to 10.5’. Once at this height, there is 6.5’ above ground space to allow for comfortable walking space for passersby. Each leg can be grounded using the optional Steel Weight Plate which measures around 7.3” x 8” and weighs 11 lbs. The tent’s frame can collapse and be stored in the Trolley with Wheels, which also features a pocket for the folded canopy to be stored. The 10’ x 15’ Pop Up Tent provides shade at fairs or annual summer picnics.

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Product Description

Product Includes:

  • Collapsible aluminum tent frame 10×15 ft.
  • Suntex FR 6oz White Canopy – with Full color print 100% coverage Valance
    • Single-sided – Multiple panels and reinforcement strips sewn together to fit frame
  • Suntex FR 6oz 15′ backwall – full color print 100% coverage.
  • (2) Suntex FR 6oz 10′ half walls – full color print 100% coverage.
  • Graphics can cover the complete backwall and all valances, and Halfwalls.
    • Graphics are one-sided. Double-sided option is possible for backwall and halfwalls.

Product Details:

  • Commercial grade frame system with 1.6″ diameter legs and rooftop crank adjustment
    • The rooftop crank adjustment is easy to use and allows the peak of the canopy to adjust up and down.
  • Hexagonal tubes for added strength
  • Canopy is woven polyester with acrylic coating, UV protected, weather and water resistant
    • Rainproof tent material lets water roll off.
  • Weight: approx 52#
  • Easy to set up and ship
  • The valance fits securely around the frame with hook-and-loop adhesive.
  • Collapses to a fraction of its size
  • Sturdy steel hardware construction

Product Options:

  • Production:
    • We have options to speed production to as quickly as 2-days
      • Rush production only can be approved once art is verified ready for production.
      • The rush options 4, 3, 2 days cut 1, 2 or 3 days off of normal production
        (turning 5 days normal into 4, 3 or 2 days)
    • Note: production time starts AFTER artwork is approved.
    • Artwork usually approved 24-48 hours after order is placed.
  • Tent Weights: Metal Plates or Water Jugs
    • They are stackable
    • They have a slot to lock into the legs of the tent.
    • Plastic weights have a 2 gal. capacity to fill with water or sand.
      • Weigh about 9# each with water
      • Weigh about 15# each with sand
    • Metal weights are about 11# each
    • Plastic Weights are very light when empty for transport and shipping.
  • Travel Case
    • With handles and wheels
    • Highly recommended addition to your order
  • Tent Stakes: Tether your tent canopy to the ground
    • Kit include (4) sets of stake, rope and D-rings

Additional Information


No Stakes, 1 kit of (4) stakes: -TSTAKE4 [Add $12.49], 2 kit of (4) stakes: -TSTAKE8 [Add $24.49]


No Added Weights, (4) Water Weights: -WTWT4 [Add $109.99], (6) Water Weights: -WTWT6 [Add $159.99], (4) Steel Plate Weights: -STWT4 [Add $144.99], (6) Steel Plate Weights: -STWT6 [Add $174.99], (8) Steel Plate Weights: -STWT8 [Add $229.99]


No Case, Travel Case w/wheels: -CS20 [Add $69.99]


I will submit art via upload, Design service, 75 per hour:


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