Low Price Guarantee

If are you able to locate the same exact items or combo package, including all accessories and shipping price (excluding applicabale taxes), within 1 month of your purchase from Display Crafter, you are elgible for a 110% refund of the difference.

The item or combo package that you purchased must be the same exact product and must include all accessories that came with your purchase from Display Crafter. Since, sometimes we offer free shipping and discounts on various products and packages that our competitors charge for, we must be able to verify the competitors price is lower with shipping included.

All items or accessories in question must be available in stock and from a viable online store with atleast a 1 year presence. We do not price match against auction sites.

The products in question must be advertised at a lower price in brand new condtion, unused.

To make a price adjustment claim:

E-mail us a quote from the competitor. Upon verification, we’ll issue a refund for 110% of the difference.